tempmate.® Real-Time Cold Chain Monitoring


Single-use real-time temperature & humidity data logger for cold chain and geo-location monitoring

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End-to-end monitoring of the entire supply chain.

tempmate.®-GS is the latest real-time monitoring solution on the market, celebrating its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA. Featuring innovative sensor, communication technology, GSM and real-time alerts, it’s the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective GSM disposable temperature and humidity data logger. Combined with the convenient tempmate.®-Cloud solution, data can be easily checked, managed and analyzed online. The global connectivity via the GSM network provides permanent monitoring of the entire supply chain. By making it possible to react when a problem occurs during transport or even before, using the new tempmate.®-GS saves time and money. In combination with the tempmate.®-Cloud, it provides a variety of unique features, offering continuous information about the current status of a shipment or equipment.


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Curious about your cold chain? tempmate.®-GS continuously monitors all relevant data.

tempmate.®-GS loggers are specially designed for temperature and humidity monitoring in any cold chain logistics. With the GSM connectivity you are able to track your shipment and to receive a warning before a problem occurs. The reprogrammable device tempmate.®-GS can be instantly used to monitor your sensitive goods. The tempmate.®-Cloud is helpful for further analysis and reporting, containing detailed information such as data curve, every single measurement as a table and statistical information.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Position-Tracking
  • High-Precision and Self-Calibrating Sensors
  • Smart Design, Intuitive Operation
  • Advanced Reporting and Administration via tempmate.®-Cloud
  • Intelligent LEDs for Status Monitoring
  • Preconfigured but Reprogrammable before use
  • Predictive Alarms
  • Worldwide Connectivity

How to increase air cargo’s market share

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Real-time monitoring
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Technical specifications

Data Logger Type Single-Use GSM Data Logger
Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C (–25°C/+60°C), others ±0.5°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Data Storage Capacity Max 15600 Records
Humidity 0 to 100%rH / Accuracy [0..90%rH]
< ±2.5%, [90%..100%] < ±3.5%
Resolution Humidity 1%
Ambient Light 0 to 16000 lx / Accuracy < 10%
Resolution Ambient Light
1 lx
Shelf Life / Battery
2 Years at -25°C to +35°C / 2x CR17450
Recording Interval
10 Min Standard
Recording Duration 90 Days Standard
Startup Mode Button
Stop Mode Button
Start Delay Possible 1 Minute to 48 Hours
Protection Class IP67
Dimensions 113/59/24 mm (l/w/h)
Weight 132g
Certifications CE, EN12830, EMC, RoHS
Validation Certificate Available as PDF in the Cloud
Software tempbase.®-C Cloud
Report Generation Readable in the Cloud
Password Protecion Cloud Password Protection
Data Transfer GSM Quad Band
Location GSM Localization
G Sensor 3-Axis 6D-/4D- Orientation Detection/
±16g / Accuracy: < ±2%
Alarm Configuration Up to 6 Thresholds, Alarm Delay Programmable
Programmable Via Cloud
Alarm Type Single / Cumulative
Storage Temperature -25°C to +35°C (Room Temperature Suggested)
Case Material Polycarbonate

Return on Investment

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For many years now, we have specialised in the sale of measurement devices and system solutions. We have the product- and target group-specific knowhow, the required personnel and the necessary technical equipment.

Our broad range of products makes us capable to meet the vast majority of orders and solve the vast majority of problems that are presented to us ourselves. We are large enough to be able to offer ready-made solutions, but still small enough to remain flexible and economical.

The customer is always the focus of all our efforts. We orientate ourselves exclusively to his or her needs and expectations, and at the same time we always strive towards the most economical solution that is appropriate for his or her requirements and the order that has been entrusted to us.

We set great store on harmonious long-term cooperations on the basis of honest, collegial partnership. When solving the metrological and control equipment-related tasks entrusted to us, we consider the most important requirements to be absolutely dependable and adherent to schedules, thorough work and imaginative alternatives.

Markets and areas of application

The German-speaking market is one of our most important sales territories. We are also active in the Scandinavian market as well as in the Benelux countries. In future, we will also be strengthening our presence in the southern and eastern european countries. We are already represented in the Czech Republic and Spain.

Our equipment’s areas of application span measuring, control and recording, right up to documenting physical, chemical or electrical units such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, pH-value, conductivity, pulses, current, GSM positioning or data transfer via GSM.
There are virtually no restrictions to the sectors and branches of industry in which we operate.

In recent years, we have specialised in measurement data logging and measurement display during transportation of temperature-controlled goods. Our equipment is used in refrigerated lorries and containers as well as in cold stores – all over the world.